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Example of installing plate Custom plate (sample)

The brilliant finish
makes your audio room gorgeous.

High end outlet plate HP-SP is a 5mm thickness aluminum plate with beautiful and luxury surface finish by ORB's special technique. Beautiful and luxury design bring your audio room gorgeous atmosphere. Advanced structure and high quality makes speed feeling and clear sound. You can feel beautiful transparency. (Including the same color stainless screws)
Moreover, We can make your original custom plate matched to your wall outlet shape. (Please ask for detail)

Highend outlet plate ( 4 piece mouth type)
Please refer here FAQ for the custom plate.

Beautiful and elegant design :
Beautiful and elegant design by ORB original finish.
Speedy and clear sound :
Advanced structure and high quality makes speedy and clear sound.
Make your original plate :
Make your original plate to fit your wall outlet shape.

Country of manufacture : Made in JAPAN

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