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JADE Quartet
JADE Quartet



USB DAC / Power Amplifier

JADE Quartet - Front
JADE Quartet - Front
JADE Quartet - Rear
JADE Quartet - Rear
JADE Fyra - Front

JADE Quartet and JADE Fyra are full digital integrated amp with compact body.
Those products have ICE Powerclass D amp and MUSES01 for operational amplifier. JADE Quartet and JADE Fyra provide natural and clean sound by combining ICE Power and MUSES01. You can easily enjoy the high-resolution audio with those products.
JADE Quartet is the aluminum body model and JADE Fyra is the solid walnut model which is made in collaboration with woodwork hand-craft furniture studio 'stack Furniture Lab' in Osaka.
Using the hand-made solid walnut provides modern beauty for your life style and natural smooth sound.
Enjoy your audio life with JADE Quartet and JADE Fyra coming from our passion for audio!

Input : Digital : USB B type×1
Optical : optical terminal×1
Coaxial : coaxial RCA terminal×1
Output : Speakers:speaker terminal×1 system Recommended load impedance 3~8Ω
Phones : φ6.3 stereo jack×1 Recommended load impedance 16~300Ω
Supporting sampling frequency : USB:8~96kHz
Optical : 8~192kHz
Coaxial : 8~192kHz
Frequency characteristic : 0Hz~20kHz +0dB,-0.5dB、fs=44.1kHz
Dynamic range : 117dBA fs=44.1kHz
Total harmonic distortion : 0.01%、 1W (8Ω,1kHz,fs=44.1kHz)
Declared power : 50mW + 50mW
Energy consumption : 10W (Standby mode)
10W (Energy consumption 8Ω)
Size : W:238mm D:335mm H:96mm
About 4kg
Country of manufacture : Made in JAPAN
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